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Benefits Communication

Bespoke Benefits is not simply your "back office" when it comes to employee benefits.  We're your front office too.

Utilizing our in-house design and communications department we can offer completely customized, easy to understand materials.  In addition, we also work one-on-one with employees to make sure they understand their benefits.  We do this through face-to-face meetings, via phone, e-mail and web conferencing.

Communication Tools

Benefits Booklets - Bespoke's Communications Department prepares customized employee enrollment, communication and educational materials in a single easy to read benefits booklet.  This booklet can be delivered in both hard copy and electronically.

Benefits Counseling - Bespoke's benefits consultants work directly with employees to communicate all benefits offered and provide education and advice.

Concierge Benefits Support - A single point of access for employees to call or e-mail with questions regarding their medical plan and other benefits.

Employee Surveys - At the client's discretion, these brief web-based questionnaires can reveal a great deal about the employee perception of the benefits package.

Single ID Card - Bespoke can create a customized single benefits ID cards that contain pertinent information for each employee on all enrolled benefits.




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