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Benefits Administration

For most small businesses Employee Benefits Administration is the last thing they want their staff dealing with.  It can be confusing, time consuming and a pull resources away from mission-critical tasks.

Bespoke Benefits' fully integrated solution gets employers out of the Employee Benefits Administration business including handling all COBRA compliance from end to end.

How it works . . .

For New Hires

  • Employer alerts Bespoke of a new hire
  • New hire receives an e-mail and/or phone call from a Bespoke Benefits licensed insurance agent
  • Based on new hire's eligibility Bespoke's staff fully explains all benefits available, the costs associated with each benefit and answers any questions
  • New hire sends all enrollment materials directly to Bespoke
  • Bespoke enrolls new hire into all plans
  • Bespoke sends employer copies of any enrollment forms and a detailed report of what employee enrolled in

For Changes

  • Employer or employee alerts Bespoke of a change (name, address, dependent addition/deletion, etc.)
  • Bespoke processes change with all appropriate benefits providers

For Employee Terminations

  • Employer alerts Bespoke of employee termination
  • Bespoke cancels employee from all employee benefits and insurance programs
  • Bespoke sends all required COBRA notifications (State & Federal)
  • If employee elects COBRA then billing is handled seamlessly, directly with terminated employee, and payments are remitted to employer

Full Payroll, Workers' Compensation and 401(k) integration is also available - click here to read more.




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